I think the animation was reasonably successful however if I had spent more time on it I think I could of made the switch overs smoother. I would have also put more backgrounds in and made it more obvious what was going on. I think it communicates what I wanted to get across about volume quite well. I enjoyed the processes to make the animation.

I have learnt a lot of new software in this project and will take it further in my practice. I think the animation could be expanded by looking at what volume old computers could hold and looking in more depth at items which aren’t really needed anymore due to digital convergence.

Overall I am happy with the outcome.

Final Animation

Movie controls

Hard disk


This is my first attempt in animating the motherboard, i think it is effective, but i exported it in the wrong size. In my animation I plan on making it look like your going through the laptop and into the hard disk. 


So today I worked out exactly how many songs, images and movies you could fit on a 500BG laptop. 

You would be able to fit 500,000 songs at around 4 minutes each, meaning 277 days of music!

If you worked out how many scanned 10x8 images you could find out that the surface area would be about 1/4 of a football pitch.

I also found out that you could fit 500 hours of movies on the laptop.

Even though this is quite a lot less than some of the other figures i said it is still quite impressive. Also you probably could fit a million images onto a 500 GB laptop, they just would have to be a couple of pixels each …..

Here are some illustrations of a MacBook Pro’s hard disk. These will also be used in my animation to show where the digital memory is stored.